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Father. Husband.

Community Leader.

A New Voice For
Escondido's Students. 

Dear Neighbor,

I am running for the Escondido Union High School District Board because I love our community and want to continue the tradition of excellence in our district’s high schools.  We are a unique community where families work together to make sure our kids get a great start and foundation for life.With four children in the Escondido Union High School District, I believe it is my obligation to see to it that our next generation continues to have academic success.

Together, we can work towards solutions on our toughest issues–students mental health, advancing career technical education, and improving academic achievement. 

This is not a campaign about politics or personality. This is about improving our high schools for all Escondido families. I hope to earn your support in the months to come. 


Bob Weller



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About Bob

Bob Weller is a native Californian. He and his blended family of six have lived in Escondido for the last six years.  His wife, Mary, is a native of Escondido.  She and her brothers all attended Rose Elementary, Mission Middle School (when it was still called Grant), and graduated from Escondido High School where their dad was an English teacher and librarian for 27 years.  Their eldest daughter is a senior in high school this year and plans to attend Palomar College.  Their teenage boys are entering their Junior year of high school in Fall of 2022, while their youngest daughter is starting junior high at the same time.


Bob is a small businessman and home mortgage strategist, helping families finance their homes and navigate the real estate market. Bob is also an involved member of the community. When incumbent EUHSD Trustee Area 1 Governing Board Member Tina Pope decided she would retire, she recruited Bob to run to replace her on the board and continue her work on the board. As the three eldest of his kids have begun to enter the work force and to plan for college, Bob has been reinforced in his belief that schools should prepare students for life: how to make wise life decisions, how to set goals and budget, and how to enter into fulfilling careers whether through a college path or preparation for trade school.


Bob spends his free time enjoying the outdoors with his kids, like skiing in the winter, road trips and camping in the Summer, and watching his kids in their various athletic activities which include surfing, mixed martial arts, skateboarding, football, and bodyboarding.


Bob's Priorities for Escondido's High schools

Student Mental Health

Coming out of the COVID pandemic, student mental health is as grave a concern as ever. Particularly with our high school age students, we need to ensure we are supporting the social, emotional wellbeing of our students. We need to make sure students have a healthy, supportive learning environment. That means increasing access to mental health support services on our campuses and working with parents to make sure we are prioritizing the wellbeing of our students.

Career Technical Education

Students should be able to graduate from EUHSD schools with marketable, career-ready skills or the ability to pursue trade education at Palomar College or other local trade schools. We have some incredible programs at EUHSD, such as culinary, auto, print/graphic design, that need to be championed, expanded, and always offered as an equal option to core academic courses. I will work with employers around the 

county to offer internships and summer jobs to our students so they can see if they like the field.

Academic Achievement

Escondido High Schools are not performing as well as other districts in the county. Well-paid, high-quality teachers lead to higher academic achievement. I am committed to working with the teachers in our district to make sure they have the resources 

necessary to improve academic outcomes for Escondido High Schoolers. I believe a culture of collaboration, where parents, teachers, and administrators are all working towards positive academic growth, starts with leadership from the board.

Endorsed by all five EUHSD Board Members

I’ve known Bob and his family for many years. He is committed, engaged, hard-working, and will serve Escondido students and families well. He has my full trust and endorsement to take over representing the parents, students, and families of Trustee Area 1.


Tina Pope

EUHSD Vice President

Trustee Area 1 Incumbent

Bob has the experience and vision needed to serve as an effective trustee on the EUHSD board. I am confident he will always put the needs of students and families first. He has my endorsement in the race for Trustee Area 1.

I know Bob will always listen to all stakeholders and make balanced, independent decisions in the best interests of our EUHSD teachers, students, and staff. He has my full support in his campaign for school board.


Christi Knight

EUHSD President


Dane White

EUHSD Trustee

I am confident that Bob will be a dedicated, forward-looking trustee for our district. He will he a strong addition to the board and help us address the key issues facing students in our district. I am happy to endorse his candidacy.

Bob brings new, innovative ideas to the table and has the leadership experience needed to put them into practice. I believe he will be a positive new voice for EUHSD and I look forward to working with him on the school board.


Jon Peterson

EUHSD Trustee


Bill Durney

EUHSD Trustee